Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Road Trip Re-Cap

K. There are WAY TOO MANY photos for me to do up a proper "re-cap" post. Dude! 10 days gone equals 640 photos. I can't even attempt to cover the highlights without doing at least a week's worth of posts! Oh dear...

But I will try to capture the mood and the spirit and the essence of the Kercher Fam Road Trip 2012 Edition...
Vancouver Aquarium. Love those jellyfish!
Stanley Park. Giant leaves and people paths.

Capilano Suspension Bridge. Just about peed my pants. Lucas takes a sweet photo!
Best sushi dinner ever. Sat at the bar and watched the chef all night!
U-Pick in Abbotsford. I did a little "winning" at a rope maze. Strawberries were also "best ever".

Vancouver. I am a dork. Russ takes an umprompted photo!? What!?!

Even though I am having the worst possible hair day, I quite enjoyed the ferry ride from the mainland to Vancouver Island. It brought back a lot of precious nostalgia!

On to Victoria...
Inner Harbour. Me taking a photo of Russel (way way in the distance) and the texts I'm sending him in response to the "where are you?" text I just received. Awesome...

Munro's Bookstore in Victoria. A great little shop. I picked up a "Dan Recommends" and a novel by an author I enjoy. Both on the July book list.

My brother is SO AWESOME!!!

And Ucluelet...
Climbing rocks and climbing trees.

Drawing in the sand. Second favourite beach activity.
Biggest dang barnacle I've ever seen! Family flash!

Lucas taking more photos...and me being goofy, again! Whale watching tour.

Heading toward home, with Mt Robson leading the way.
It actually took me a long time to get in "vacation mode". My head and my heart just weren't there. They weren't stuck back at work or anything so mundane. They were stuck thinking about the same things I was stuck thinking about in town. Once I got passed all of that, I was able to enjoy the trip, but I still missed being away.

I have learned that I don't like these go-go-go vacation, where we are in a different city every couple of days. I loved being in Portland and Mexico which despite the polar opposite in location and style of vacation, they were similar in the fact that once I unpacked I was good to go for the week! I had time to explore and discover and relax. That's the kind of vacation I can get behind.

And now that I've put that out there, I'm going to go the complete opposite direction and profess my new-found love and desire to go for one of those multi-day hikes out in the middle of nowhere. With everything I need on my back. Camping. Tenting. Back to the basics.

Go figure...now if only I could convince someone to accompany me. Read: plan the whole entire thing and let me tag along! BFF...I'm looking at you!

later loves


  1. Oh! the ferry and Victoria and Ucuelet! You're killing me here. I think I need to plan a trip home/a backpacking trip for us!! ;)

  2. looks like it was amazing! Love me some ferry rides and that picture of the writing in the sand :) lovely.


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