Tuesday, August 07, 2012


I have added some interesting (and hopefully familiar) icons to the sidebar of my blog. Over there>>>>>>>>below my handsome face!

My blog is the guinea pig for (most) things that end up on the TM Blogs, of which I am hopelessly in charge! So I thought I would test out some super basic coding on these bad boys before they made the cut and were installed - with much fanfare - on the TM Blogs.

Please test these out and let me know if you like or dislike. I will do up a handy explanation/tutorial for these in a little bit.

Thanks peeps!
later loves

: I did NOT create these buttons! That higher calling comes from a super rad blogger (Kira) and her super rad series "Primp My Blog". These buttons were free, and come in a variety of trendy and lovely colours. And were super easy (if not a little time-consuming for me, cause that's how I roll) to install and link up. Again, your basic tutorial, Lisa-style will be forthcoming. I know I know....you're chomping at the bit! Be patient my pretties!


  1. The buttons are really easy to use and take you to where you are going very quickly-I like that. For someone like me who is not that techno-savvy, I had no idea at all what any of the buttons meant. So it was like opening a gift!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lisa! Glad you enjoy reading my blog, I'm lucky to have lovely readers like you who want to share my content! And a top-secret FYI - there will be more freebies for your Facebook on the blog tomorrow, I hope you'll check them out!


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