Thursday, August 09, 2012

New Favourite...

I have been so busy lately, doing a whole lot of nothing, that all of those little things have grown giant in my mind.

I found this post in the "Drafts" section of blogger the other day and I have no idea what I was thinking of writing about! But I am going to go with it, and see what happens!

Podcast: Thrilling Adventure Hour. Heck, just the fact that I am now listening to podcasts is some kind of miracle. It's a new school podcast in the style of old-timey radio, with guest stars such as Paget Brewster & Nathan Fillion. It is my go-to "tunes" to get to and fro work.

Album: I am in lurve with the new Fiona Apple album with the crazy long name, and am wondering why it took me so long to get it. Honestly! Also, iTunes has started this new thing called...I don't remember, cause I don't really pay all that much attention to that kind of stuff. At any rate, "they" recommend a new album. And I bought it. And it's really great. Shovels & Rope is the name of the band. They are very old-time-country-y. And rock 'n' roll. And the harmony!? Amazing. Yes. Definite summer favourite.

Movie: Would it surprise you to hear I have less-than-zero interest in going to a movie theatre? Even if it is air-conditioned and it's hot out. Even if I could spend extra $$ and get served at my giant seat. New movies just don't interest me. Old movies however... The Caretakers with a young and handsome Robert Stack and sufficiently creepy Joan Crawford.

Shoes: My Saltwater Sandals (from Modcloth) are making me very happy.

Outfit: Green skirt + tank top + sandals. My summer costume.

Coffee shop: Transcend. Dan & I tried Remedy and Credo as well, but we just keep coming back to Transcend Garneau. It's now our "usual place". And while we remember the baristas, I don't think we go often enough for them remember us quite yet! *Update: they totally remember us...the gorgeous, tattooed barista told us: "I love it when you come in because you smell so good." That's me, and my patchouli hippie stinking up the place. Even Dan thought it was weird that she remembers me for that, and that she keeps bringing it up!

Dude Moment: The other morning (27th) he was saying "wasabi" over and over and over again. In different tempos and tenors and voices. When I asked him what he was saying he said: "Wasabi, cause I like the way it sounds when I say it different ways!"

Summer Memory: All the new babies! And how Lucas is loving his new cousins! He is also getting to be very patient with Jacob, and excited to see him and play with him.

Book: I have read a lot of awesome books this year. Top Two Three Four Summer Reads have got to be War of the Worlds and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Payback: The Shadow Side of Debt

Inspiration: Coffee dates! Whenever I come home from a coffee date with BFF I scrapbook, or paint, or clean, or organize, or something. I feel refreshed and happy and energized!

Workout: With my Wednesday night Zumba classes on hiatus for the summer, and my desire to stay far far away from the crowded classes at Spa Lady right now, I had to find something else that would kick my ass. And in steps the bestest Kirsten. We finally arranged to meet up at the gym together, I found her on a machine that I had never tried. Some sort of elliptical-type arrangement. And I love it! 25 minutes on there, and I've got fat crying all over the place!

And that is New Favourites Summer 2012 Edition.

Now what do I think I was headed towards with the first sentence of this post that was left to languish in the Drafts section of my blogger account? I think I wanted to put it out there that when you have so little time to devote to and think about the big things in life, the little things become larger than life. Including the commute, and the gym time (if I'm lucky to make it there in the afternoon), I'm gone during the day for about 10 hours. Then when I get home, I have a dinner to make and clean up after. And a little Dude to play with and put to bed. And by then it's 9pm and I'm in bed by 10:30! That doesn't leave much time for much of anything else!

And so these small "New Favourites" fall in to a giant place of importance and gratitude.

later loves

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