Monday, August 13, 2012

Monkeys Like Friendship Bracelets

In continuing with my "even a monkey could do this" DIY, y'know, feature or whatever. I was reminded about my lurve of friendship bracelets recently when I stumbled across a blog post. And as per the usual internet shenanigans, I can't find that post anymore. But I did do a Google search for "friendship bracelets" and found the results plentiful.

With tutorials.

And pictures...

And I really needed a creative task to do, without it taking up too much time & space on the time-space continuum. and my monkey are going to hook you up with a sweet friendship bracelet post!

And I might - in the future like - use this as a dexterity improvement task for Dude as well...TWO BIRDS!
Making this bracelet - using the "granny colours" of floss I picked up from VV ages and a half ago - took WAY LONGER than anticipated. I was quite the conversation starter at work. Which is unfortunate, because I hate talking in the lunch room...yeah...
 But very worth it when finished. I have secured it to my wrist with the ever-fashionable safety pin which is thankfully not pictured in that picture! How embarrassing. wink.

But this was the prototype. The "kink working out-er". And perhaps I have worked out those kinks. And perhaps I have more of these, and in better colours, in my future.

And perhaps one of these is headed out even as I type this to a certain pen pal, in a certain mountain tourist town...'m just sayin'...

later loves

p.s. Like my sketch book/journal/list container? I haven't been arting lots lately, but I do carry this little moleskin around with me, filling it with lists and thoughts and doodles. Very satisfying.

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