Friday, August 17, 2012

A Beer to Start the Weekend

BFF & I went out for beers last week. It was supposed to be coffee, but when he said "y'know, we could find a patio and have a drink..." I immediately agreed (I might have said "whoopee") and we headed to Local Public Eatery for some beers on the patio.

Gluten-plenty beers, I might add.

I like the amber beers. I just do. I tried a Yukon & a Granville Island, both reddish and ruddy in colouring and flavouring. Nom nom nom.

This latest gluten-free selection did not pass the test.
You might remember my previous review of a La Messagere beer. The red one. That was a tasty one.

This one was practically colourless, and the flavor was only so-so.

Definitely not going back on the grocery list.

But it was a nice partner to my "Fuel Up Eggs" lunch last Friday. And it was very light and easy-drinking. But with more flavour than a more mainstream light beer. So if you like those big-name beers (you know who I'm talking about), but you prefer gluten-free, this would be a good option for you!

later loves


  1. Haha, glad to hear you had fun. I'm not a drinker but good to know! I won't try the gluten-free kind, then :)

    xo, Adriana.
    Horses of Ares

  2. My husband (who is gluten intolerant) have been trying several GF beers this summer and I agree that La Messagere beer is only so-so.

    The best one that we have found is called Greens GF beer from Belgium. It is pretty much the closest thing next to a Guinness. It is a pint and a bit expensive at 8.50 a bottle...but good enough size to share a small glass.

    So if you are around Sherbrooke Liquor on St. Albert Trail Lisa, check it out as they have lots of GF Beer options. :)

    1. My BFF keeps telling me to check out Sherbrooke Liquor store, but we are rarely up that way!

      The local stores only have about 4 brands, and I am kind of over them, so I will have to make my way up there soon!


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