Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dads kind of totally rock!

This is another good one for the Grandmas & Aunties out there. And while it is too late for Father's Day, well. I really have no excuse, except I was being a lazy bugger that week. I'm much better now.
My Dad is awesome, as can be seen in this rad video. He is the best Grandpa to the boys, taking Lucas swimming every Sunday morning, and taking it easy with Jacob, but still giving lots of blanket rides!

Lucas' Dad is also pretty awesome. No skipping rocks, but he does assist in passing various difficult PvZ & Mario levels on the DS. And Russel is also the best teacher and tutor for Lucas when it comes to his printing. A strong hand, lots of encouragement and no allowances for quitting! And we saw the amazing results of all that hard work this year, so kudos to you Poppa!

And my littlest brother, the baby of our family, is a new Dad himself! I am so happy for Shane (& Jill) and I just know he is going to be the best dad! He is a sweet, kind-hearted and generous man, who loves his Mom and is so good to his family. My other brother is going to be a Dad in July (lordy...lots of adult-relations happening back in September...) and I know that Rob is going to be spectacular as well!

And conclusion...Dads Rock! Go hug a Dad today, or a Poppa, or an Opa.

I've got a mini-series starting tomorrow. It's all about loving yourself, your life, where you are right now, and appreciating all that this crazy world has to offer!

later loves

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