Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Talky Talker

So, I have this thing wherein I talk during movies. Is that annoying? I never can tell.

I like to talk to the characters, tell them what they're doing wrong, and when they're being an idiot.

I like to cheer them on, and pump my fist in the air when they do something awesome, or figure out who the bad guy really is, and when good triumphs over evil, etc.

And the people off screen are fair game as well. I laugh at the editors when I notice a film-grammar mistake. And I tell the cinematographer what a beautiful vista he/she has captured.

And sometimes I clap. And sometimes I slow clap.

And I say "Dude!" a lot. Too much probably.

Lately I have been kind of obsessing over westerns. The celebrities of today have nothing on John Wayne and Dean Martin. Mmmm....Dean Martin...

I watched a borrowed copy of Rio Bravo just the other night and was so so very happy during and afterwards.

There were no explosions.

There were no boobies.

There were no f-bombs.

There was no gratuitous violence, sex or some sort of scary sexy-violence combination.

So very happy.

Also, Dean Martin...
He plays a guy named Dude...does it get any better than this?

later loves

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