Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snacky snacky snacky

I was doing so well. That bitch-ass voice in my head telling me to "eat, eat, eat" has been silenced for months and months now. With only a few hormone-related lapses in judgement, I was taking this new found control and willpower in stride!

And then I went and got a "new" job, with a new schedule, foreign to my night-owl brain and habits. And I have started snacking like a crazy-person again.

I get home from work around 5pm, hungry, starving ravenous!! Russel doesn't get home until after 6pm. Which means I don't even have to think about starting dinner for at least a half hour. This means snack time people! Homemade guac and chips usually. And lots and lots of that. I know I should have some healthy and filling veggies instead, but if you saw the beast of a salad I eat for lunch, you wouldn't be telling me to "eat my veggies"... And then dinner happens soon after, and I eat a full meal there. And Russ bought pretzel Goldfish, and I've been watching more tv lately in the evenings (which is also a bad habit that I thought I broke myself of), and etc. etc. and so forth.

And so I don't know what to do. This snacking has spilled into work as well. I keep nuts and chocolate at my desk. And I dig into that stash like it's nobody's business.

My brain is forgetting all of the important things I have been telling it lately. And my energy levels and mood have been paying the price.

And so I have devised a "strategy"'s a three-part strategy, like you would find in some fancy goal-setting companion to a prioritize your life online workshop/seminar. I fricken hate setting goals...

#1. Be busy when I get home! I have to re-train my non-scheduled brain to get work done before dinner, and not in the wee hours of the night like before. Also, "being busy" can also mean playing with Dude for a little bit. That totally counts.

#2. Pre-package my snacks. I will not buy pre-packaged stuff, processed stuff from the store. Shudder! But that doesn't mean I can't make my own at home! Like natural peanut butter on a gluten-free flax bun. Yum yummers! And yes, eat more stupid veggies. Honestly people, get off my back!

#3. No more damn taco chips! Geez louise! You'd think I owned a share in Tostitos, the way I'm gobbling up and down and around these damnable things!

And on a totally unrelated note: You want a physicist to speak at your funeral

later loves

ps. This was not intended to be a complain-a-thon c/o Moody Lisa. No pity parties, please! Just know that even those of us who have had some success at eating better, healthier and smarter, and "lost weight" thanks to those new habits still struggle with the beast that has so been named "the obesity epidemic". oh barf, I can't believe I just typed that.


  1. Anonymous9:31 am

    Haha. I hear you Lisa. I do a series called "at this time last year" on my blog and while I was writing it yesterday, for some reason, I started thinking about my eating habits then and now. Well, after only a moment's thought, I realized I fell off the bandwagon awhile ago and surprise, surprise I feel a bit icky these days. It's funny that you let yourself get away with it for a little while before you realize what you're doing.
    Good goals. I hope they work for you. I definitely need to make some of my own ASAP. I want to be a well-rested, happy and energetic little lady this summer, not a sluggish, grumpy bum. :)

  2. On a positive note you're eating them with guacamole..... I melt cheese all over mine. Damn you tortillas! I just flippin love them though!

  3. I gained all the weight you lost. I found it for you.
    Now I'm depressed. Where ARE those Tostitos?


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