Friday, June 29, 2012

Oh man, I love this!

I wrote a post awhile back about wishes, and being a responsible adult, and not always being able to do the big things you might want to tackle in life, but how it's also important to spend time on the little things and with the people that make all the other stuff worth while. Gosh, run on sentence much!?

And so I took my own advice - more or less - and asked my BFF out for dinner, in addition to our regularly scheduled coffee date. And it was the best night I've had out in a long time!

We went for dinner to the Sugarbowl, followed by a few coffees at Transcend up the road.

 Layout Deets: I used Nadine's technique on the Jilly Bean sticker letters...the sanding makes them look like they came with the paper! And the white-on-peach words are cut from my Transcend disposable cup. It you stay too late and order a coffee right before they close, they give you these cups. Another perfect match for my layout.

There are a lot of little things happening on here. Lots of bits to discover, lots of special little touches. My favourite kind of layout! I think this is my favourite one out of the latest batch!

Oh, and for goodness sake, get your silly sweet butt over to the Sugarbowl immediately! You will not be disappointed!

later loves

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  1. This is a great layout! The sanding on those letters is quite lovely ;-)
    I don't know about the coffee but let me tell you that picture of your dinner makes me so hungry! I want a burger.... a real burger. Oh dear. Don't tell anyone I thought about eating meat.


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