Thursday, June 28, 2012

Currently...June 27

Yes yes. I realize that this "Currently" post is a day late (and a dollar short?). Shuuussssh!

9:06am, living room

drinking: Cup #2 of coffee
eating: I just finished my new favourite breakfast! I found these heavenly gluten-free buns at Superstore, and after they are toasted and smeared with organic honey, organic PB, and so-bad-for-me Nutella, they are even more heavenly!
doing: fiddling with my blog
should be doing: packing for road trip, doing laundry, prepping TM & notladylike blog posts for the two weeks I'm away!
listening to: Old Metric. Cause I haven't "figured out" how to get my new Metric on iTunes. Meaning, I haven't tried and I haven't asked Russel yet.
enjoying: this morning off
loving: that I got an informal "Meet-A-Blogger IRL" invitation from my new bloggy pal in Jasper! We have been exchanging hilarious comments on each other's blogs for the past little bit, and she is just so lovely. Hi Nicole!
needing: to get to the gym at least one more time this week. I missed four days in a row and my sleep, my mood, my brain was totally effected! I finally went last night - thanks to Dad for putting Dude to bed so I could go a little earlier - and felt SO MUCH BETTER after!

I am headed off to Millennium Place this afternoon with Lucas' school for their big year end field trip. A swimming pool filled with a bunch of screaming children. Yes, that is totally how I wanted to spend today...

It's the last day of school! See how happy Dude is about that...

I had to go buy a new bathing suit last night, what with the swimming today and all. And I found a really cute one, on sale and everything. Why the heck are bathing suits $200? I don't understand. There is about $4.50 worth of fabric there (some less...); and it's not like I wear the thing everyday, like I would a pair of jeans or shoes. But I got a nice small size, and had a chuckle at the psychological sizing practices they put into place. The big tag says 10, but the little tag inside the suit says 12. Oh you!

later loves


  1. At least it's warm enough to go swimming! And SIZE 10?! (ignore the other tag, it's a lie)
    Way to go!

  2. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Change that informal to formal, won't you!!??

    I'm glad that you're loving my offer. It so totally stands and I think we should so totally make it happen! :)



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