Friday, June 08, 2012

Not likely!

Today was the day for a post entitled "Enjoying the Sun"...but obviously that was not happening this week, so instead I am posting a drink DIY. It is ridiculous, and a monkey could figure this one out - well-trained or otherwise - but it's something, and it's fun, and my hair is also ridiculous. So without further adieu (one of the best words, btw)

Lisa makes iced coffee!

So you'll need to grab coffee, milk of your choosing, a cup, maple syrup. My coffee came from Starbucks. I bought it, in desperate need of some caffeine after work one day. I took one sip, then realized I was not craving coffee as much as I thought I was. Also, it needed some ice.

Also, you'll need some ice. Go ahead and put it in your cup. Now pour your coffee into the cup. And don't forget to spill it fricken everywhere. Oh my...

Geez louise Lisa!! Get a damn towel!

Okay...moving on. Pour your milk in. I prefer this fabulous almond milk because I'm trying to stay away from dairy, and also soy milk makes me feel like gack.

And now for the sweet. Normally I hate sweet in my coffee. Hate hate hate. Okay, maybe hate is too strong a word. Loathe? Detest? Despise? One of those is fine. But in my iced milky coffee, I need some kind of sweet. In goes the maple syrup. Add as much as you like. I added lots (+lots).
Fun fact: maple syrup is low on the glycemic index, which means the sugar takes longer to absorb into your bloodstream, which means less of a spike and less cravings for later! Yay Science!

Now go ahead and stir and enjoy! Wait, fix your hair first you idiot!
Okay...that's better. Oh isn't. Thank goodness I've got a cut scheduled today. Somebody help me!

later loves

p.s. What colour do you think my hair will be after my appointment today? Your guess is as good as mine!

p.p.s In case you didn't catch that, write your guess below...for funsies sake!


  1. A regular color.... Like orange.... Or not. Burgundy Is my vote.

  2. did you go blond? love your glasses btw! I have limited my dairy as well. very little cheese and no milk. I do drink soy for my homemade cappuccinos, but you inspired me to give almond milk a whirl. I wonder if it will foam? pics of the hair? ciao!

  3. I'm what, a week late? Somethig like that. Is it red? I think it's mahogany, if that is actually a colour. Are you going to show us?


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