Sunday, June 24, 2012

I've been a bad bad girl

Want want want want.
This necklaceThese stampsShoes...oh god, I have a weakness for shoes.

I have been buying too much online lately. Too much!! So I am putting myself on a spending freeze for the time-being. I need a big goal to keep me going. Something that I need to save up to get. Like this...

In the distant future, when our current little Cavalier goes kaput for reals, I would love a little lime green Mazda to 'zoom zoom' around town in. Oh my...

With summer here, I'm finding that none of last year's summer clothes fit me anymore, but I am trying really hard not to buy anything else to replace them. I got some shorts on sale at Superstore awhile back, and I stocked up on tees there as well (I have a ridiculous amount of bright boat necks).

As long as I don't lose too many more inches, I should be okay! HA!

later loves

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