Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have been such an online news junkie lately! I spend lots of my down time at work surfing a variety of sites and blogs and the like. Here are some interesting stories I've found lately...

Does Eating Organic Food Make You Selfish? Funny!

12 Year Old talks Money

"Climate Change Policy" bugs the bee-jeezus out of me. What do these guys hope to get out of all this tomfoolery? I guess they don't care. They make their money now and are dead before the shit hits the fan!

Cyber Spying drives me crazy too! So much so that I wrote to my MP...fat lot of good that did.

Why Elizabeth May is a pretty awesome lady. And why our government sucks the big one.

Vaginas Must be Republican Kryptonite. Right now it seems that every state is trying to (and many succeeding) pass very scaring anti-abortion legislation. Kudos to this gal for standing up for her beliefs!

I like this guy's blog: Friendly Atheist. I think if asked, I would identify as an "sceptic"...

And a video for your viewing pleasure. I watched this Doc Zone the other night, Age of Anxiety, and found it  hit really close to home. I think I'm going to have do up a post about my experience with the medical community and Lucas' anxiety "diagnosis".

I was on a doc-kick that night, and also watched most of this before falling asleep on the couch. I vaguely remember pressing record before I faded out for good. We Were Here is about the start and rise of the AIDS epidemic in San Francisco in the early 80s. It follows five people who were involved in the community in one way or another, and is a beautiful and sad picture of this time in our history.

And while this isn't news, it is awesome! A Wil Wheaton plushie! Yes...that is going on a shopping list.

later loves

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  1. Great list-I'm cracking up at a couple. Hey, did you know that the Latin root of "atheist" means "anti-idea"? None of us are really "anti-idea" are we. Not that it matters. (I used to facilitate groups on spirituality and that fact seemed to ease people's mind)


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