Monday, June 25, 2012

Night Out on the Town

"I want to go out for nachos with my friends", I said to Russel one fateful evening. We were scheduled to go to Gull Lake with my family for a camping trip this weekend. It has traditionally (like for the past 5 years) rained buckets on them for the entire weekend. Last year we ended up sitting in Mom's trailer or in front of the "fire" the whole time. And eating. With my family. Gee...sounds like fun.


It was not fun. It was boring (sorry family...) And I am not about to jump into boring right now. But Lucas is going, cause he's in seventh heaven in the trailer with Grandma &

A weekend without Lucas means adult time for R & I...oh gosh, no dirty thoughts please! When all of this planning started to come unplanned, I promptly emailed V to find out if she would be willing to indulge my desire for nachos out with friends, as it was her blog posts that inspired this thought in the first place. And she said yes! All that was left was to invite my new BFF, and we were set, party of five.

But not for nachos. Russ - and his helpful Groupon - is treating us to pizza! Oh he's not. Turns out the Groupon is for take out only. Of course! Because the Groupon clearly states "for dine-in only" but that is just to trick those non-committed Groupon-getters. But not us. No way. We did a casual drive by and found that "dine in" is a crazy option considering the place seats about 4.5 people. And also, Russel called them. Have I mentioned he's the clever one of the family. Well, after Lucas. That leaves me holding court for last place!


BFF chose Famoso for dinner (from my terrible list) because he had never been. We went to the one in Sherwood Park, which is flippin' huge-mongous by the way! Much larger than the other locations I frequent (shout out to my Little Bro, manager of the South Commons location and NEW DAD!!).

We sat around and chatted for many more hours than Famoso was probably comfortable with us spending there, before parting company with V+A. Dan & I took Russ to our favourite coffee haunt - Transcend in Garneau - for a coffee pick-me-up before heading over to the Varscona for Improvaganza! WOOT!!

It was the late (late) show, and we were all yawning and staring off into space before the show started. But it was so worth staying up past my bed-time! I haven't been to Improv for years, but my memory served me well and I was slapping my knee and guffawing as soon as the lights went down.

Russ is kind of Groupon obsessed lately, which is fine by me! This just means more nights out for us!!

ps. don't you just love R's shirt? That was part of his birthday/father's day present. And for those of you unfamiliar with keyboard shortcuts 'ctrl+z' means undo. It's funny!

Layout Deets: More new Studio Calico. And those Heidi Swapp polaroid frames and social media-related stickers are quite "fun times". I've got a technique post coming up on the Inspiration Blog with these guys. Ooh la la.

later loves

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