Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On friendship...

"Friends build you up, they support you, they shine a light on your good qualities while looking past your not so good ones. They know that by building you up it doesn't take anything away from them." (from this post on Brenda's blog)

I have learned a lot of things about friendship lately...because of a dude. Go figure.

I have learned that you can do stupid shit, and it is forgiven. Or ignored. Whatever is most appropriate.

I have learned that what I think of as "stupid shit" may or may not be recognized as such.

I have learned that you can act like an idiot, and you will be laughed at accordingly, and your calls will still be returned.

I have learned what it means to just call someone and chat. Or text, as the case may be.

I have learned that if someone doesn't reply to your email right away it doesn't mean you're not friends any more. It just means you found someone even busier than you are.

When I tell people that I am terrible at "normal social interactions", they laugh at me, and tell me that there is no way this can be true. Most people don't have this problem, so they don't understand. This type of thing is easy for most people, and therefore my little issue is a strange strange thing. Let's look at it this way. When people tell me that colour and art comes effortlessly to me and that they could never do that and that it is so not easy, I don't understand, because for me it is second nature. It comes naturally to me. And apparently dealing with people is the opposite of that for me.

I know that I am (usually) terrible with people. I am just wired wrong for that sort of thing.

Or maybe I was just waiting for the right time and the right person to come along and let me get some practice in!

Thank goodness for the people in my life that understand this about me, and have patience with me. And have stuck around to learn that I can be quite awesome, and that I am full of love, even though I don't know how to show it. And seem to love me in spite of it!

This was a post that I wasn't really sure about posting, and I scheduled it and un-scheduled it many times. But it's an honest look at a big part of my life, and I'm not afraid of sharing! And maybe someone out there will see a bit of herself in this post, and know she's not alone and that there's hope for us!!

later loves


  1. You get your lack of social skills from your mom. Although I am always "friendly", I am not a great "friend". Even with family sometimes.

  2. Dearest Lisa,
    It is hard for me to understand your social uncomfortableness because I dont see the girl you speak of. But- if you say she's in there, than she must be! You are the bomb-diggity Lovely lisa! I miss you!
    I believe that you are very good at showing love through anything writen. This is your way! Your especially loving when Rum is involved. can you please write some rum diaries sometime soon?

    1. Thanks Jill. You are a sweetheart. I miss you too. I'm thinking that Spa Ball can be a reality on Friday night! YAY!

      "Rum diaries" refers to this post from ages ago.

  3. Yup. I get it. totally. Me too. On bad days we can sit in the corner and eat worms.


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