Sunday, May 20, 2012

Found...New Blogs

I'm never never never on the lookout for new blogs to read. I have so so many in my Reader that I don't read, I can't bear the thought of adding more.

Although, maybe it's time to clean out my reader and give it a little spring cleaning and airing out.

Out with the old...these plus more!
A Beautiful Mess
Scissor Quirk
Pioneer Woman
Art Equals Happy
Dottie Angel
Create Loves
Amy Schmamey
Dearest Someday
Paper Sparrow
Gingiber Snap

In with the NEW!
Gypsy in Jasper
As Luck Would Have It
Vanagon Champion
Inspiration Everywhere
I love...
Secondhand Magpie
Andrea Clare
Pretty and Fun
My Beat Boutique

And I am quite pleased with the fact that my outgoing list is much longer than the incoming. And that the incoming blogs are a nice mix of art, scrapbooking, fashion and "lifestyle".

I would love to add more little guys to the you have any blog-read recommendations for me??

later loves

p.s. This post is quite lovely. I'm happy to know that I am not the only Blogger out there who wants to be more real on her blog.

p.p.s A whole post dedicated to Rice Crispy treats...umm....yes please!


    Love her. She's from Alberta to boot!
    Pioneer women's recipes rock btw....I make her wild rice corn casserole every potluck! Oh....and her photoshop freebies are fantastical....


    1. Oh my gosh, thank you for the link to the Red Neck Mommy blog! It is so funny and touching!

  2. Oh thank you for the mention! I'm so glad you're enjoying reading, and even more glad I made the new 'incoming' list!

    The Secondhand Magpie


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