Monday, May 21, 2012

Washi Love

I bought nine rolls of washi tape at TM last week...I know I am not as bad as some people, but that's a hefty dose of washi! So I promptly went home and used a bunch. I hate to "hoard" new supplies...I'm a user.

These photos are from our Jasper trip back in October. I was going through my files, printing photos for another project, and I found these gems that were never put to paper.
 Featuring...banners, washi, and those precious tiny wooden stars from Studio Calico.

Next..."true blue, baby I love you!"
 More Baby Evan! I actually hate that blue, stamped "E" at the top of the layout. It did not turn out how I wanted. But live and learn...the rest of the page is pretty sweet!

I added the washi tape right in with the strips of pattern paper. I love how versatile and gorgeous this stuff is. I am planning a mini album using washi tape as the only embellishment. And if I had better luck with online workshops in the past, I would be taking this class from Studio Calico. But I haven't, so I won't.

And here's a sneak of another layout I'm finishing up, featuring loads of washi.
I still have to add a title, and some stitching maybe? I haven't thought that far ahead! I just wanted to get that pretty washi on the page...oooh...ahhh...

Any other washi-lovers out there?

later loves

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