Friday, May 18, 2012

Lisa Tidbits

I own about three dozen records, but no record player.

I collect records for their kitsch factor and/or their nostalgic factor. And sometimes I even buy them for the music!

I love opera. I really love German opera. Something about all those umlauts in song. Yum.

I have lost my sweet tooth. Except for some reason this week I am craving Twizzlers...

I love going to the gym. I have planned a post dedicated to my newly found obsession. Watch for it in the next week or so!

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be Portland, Oregon. A big enough city so there's lots to do, but still small enough to feel cozy. Lots of great places to eat, food trucks, quirky restaurants, fancy and cutting edge! The arts culture there is so fabulous and inclusive! Close to the beach and the forests, but not right in them...I needs my Starbucks people (or Stumptown I guess...I would have to convert!).

I am a pretty snappy dresser and love getting dressed up. But I also love being earrings, no makeup, no fuss. Just shorts and a tee and my Toms. Boring, but comfy!

later loves

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  1. I'll give you my cousin's phone number. She lives in Portland and she's a fairly sociable sort...


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