Friday, May 04, 2012


time: 8:44am
location: Dining room table
eating: Yummy homemade muffin! I made a delivery last night to a very grateful dude...I don't blame him. They are awesome muffins!
drinking: Warm coffee. It's going down fast.
thinking: About the Universe, and how sometimes it helps move you forward in just the right direction.
wanting: To make a trip to Goodwill today. I have some more stuff to drop off!
needing: Some gym time today.
creating: Nothing right now...that's on the bottom of my to-do list!!
working on: Getting some posts up on the TM blog (new product, Month Kit Mondays), wrapping a very belated birthday present for a special someone!
listening: Vampire Weekend
loving: Baby Evan! My family, my friends, my life.
wishing: I was confident enough to just go for it.
wondering: Why I can't figure out how this is all going to play out.
enjoying: Not knowing, and just going with the flow!

Lucas Quote of the Day: "The top row is the "qwerty" row."

He has been playing with a typing tutor online the past couple of weeks. His teacher lets him take his weekly spelling test on the computer, so we thought it might be fun for him. He actually really enjoys it! And powers through each lesson. 

I have been trying to take all my photos on the Manual setting lately. It's a damn hard thing to do when you've got a jittery coffee hand + a fidgety 6 year old. But I'm working on it!

Last night the three of us joined the Seibold Clan at Famoso in South Commons. My brother manages the place, and he takes good care of us while we're there!
That pic of Russ in the centre? That's his "Nick Face". Any New Girl fans out there?? If not, then that joke just fell real flat!

later loves


  1. Um....I want to play the True American drinking game. I'm pretty sure I'd be pro at chanting 1-2-3 and JFK - FDR!!

  2. Yes! Nick! One of my all time favorite shows! Schmidt is so funny in his duche bag ways!


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