Sunday, May 06, 2012

PSA Of the Week

This week it's all about space of my most favourite subjects of all time!

A Star With NINE Planets!!

Big news right now is all the NASA Shuttles flying across the US to their new (museum) homes. Lots of really, really, really cool photos around the web!

Any news about dark matter is awesome!

This photo (and story) is kind of neat. The first launch at Cape Canaveral. Been there...done that!

Minivan-sized, asteroid fireball!?!?! How come we never get the cool things up here? Like, in Canada...

Speaking of Canada, here is some Space News from up north!

This guy is so smart, and funny, and relate-able, and amazing. I am trying to find more talks by him. It's just good stuff.

later loves

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