Thursday, May 03, 2012

I love being an Auntie!

I am a lucky lady to have so many handsome gentlemen in my life! The two living in my house, my best bud, a little Dude who likes Han Solo and now his little brother has joined the clan!
I am excited to watch him grow and learn to play with the big boys. I am excited to see how Jacob reacts to being a big brother (!!!) and I am excited to see how Lucas deals with being the big kid on the block. I am excited to hear him call me "Auntie" for the first time and I am excited to hear him call Amy "Mommy".

Russ is so excited for all the video game nights in his future.

Congratulations to my sweet little sister and her hubby! Now their family is complete. And no...I am still not interested in joining this baby bandwagon!

later loves

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