Monday, April 23, 2012

A Watercolour Family

I have temporarily given up my watercolour pencils in favour of my new bottles of spray ink. Pop the lid, and they make wonderful and vibrant "water colours"...when you add water of course. And I do so with the aid and assistance of my new handy water brush. Handy, I tell you.
 And so I have made a little family for myself. These peeps will eventually end up in a journal or something. But for now they are happy to be gadabouts on this white page, chatting about the weather and about the latest news from out east, or down south, or wherever news comes from nowadays.
 They are bug-eyed and bushy-tailed, and some have leaves for hair. They are sufficiently creepy and I hear a grand susurrus stirring up from within their mix. Do not disturb the watercolour dolls, do not listen to their secrets.
"We all carry a multitude of ghosts around with us: impressions of other people, strong or weak, deep from long acquaintance or shallow with brevity. Those ghosts are maps, updated with each encounter, made detailed, judged, liked or disliked. They are, if you ask a philosopher, all we can ever really know of the other people in the world."
(from The Gone Away World by Nick Harkaway)

later loves

p.s. If you live in Alberta, I hope you go and vote today!


  1. Lisa, you TOTALLY need to sell these, I would buy them in a second! (Maybe at TM???) Pretty please?

  2. I love these Lisa!! So very creative and fun!

  3. I love your watercolor people. They have sooooo much personality.


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