Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Moments

I'm not the biggest fan of this layout, but I guess it's growing on me.

I am a fan of stamping words on to a table-protecting paper bag and pretending like I am a genius and always meant to get that rad watercolour effect. Yeah.
It will have shown up on the TM Inspiration Blog by now...if I'm doing my job, that is!

later loves

(in case anyone cares, I used one of the new American Crafts lines on this guy...don't ask me what it's called...)


  1. I think the layout looks fabulous!! I love all of the bright colors!!

  2. Really! Oh I really like it. I think it's bright & fun

  3. Ooo, LOVE the striped pinwheel! (I forget the proper name)
    Great colourful happy LO, Lisa!


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