Friday, April 13, 2012

Staying Up Late & Internetting It Up

I did something silly the other night. I went and found some new blogs to read. And they were lovely and beautiful and so much nicer than mine. More features, and more fanfare, and more external content. And the comparisons began in my head, and I started thinking and re-thinking all that I do here.

And then I remembered that I like my little ol' blog, just the way she is!

And then I did some online window shopping, which is always also a bad idea!
Anything from this shop
And I totally bought this dress...I guess it wasn't all window shopping.

And some of the new blogs, for those of you interested:

And a fun tutorial...that even I could handle!

Honestly, I love my little place on the Internet. I love that it is fueled by me, and what I do and make and build. And how I see the world. I was reluctant to share this part of me with a new friend, because sometimes non-bloggers just don't "get it". But then I thought: "I am not ashamed or embarrassed about the person I portray here because it is mostly just me". It is part of the truth that is FormerlyLisaS. And if you get to know the "in real life" me then this is just a fun add on.

And that's all I have to say about that.

coming up on the blog...another painty, messy journal, more layouts, a Project Life update, another fashion post!

later loves


  1. umm...Miss Lisa you have a loverly friend who owns a boutique and who totally has this dress in her shop! just sayin ;)

    1. Kara! Gosh darnit!! If only I had known...I would much rather give my money to you then some online megastore. Next time I am in the mood for a new dress, I'm calling you up!


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