Friday, April 13, 2012

Project Life - Reincarnated!?

So my ardour with Project Life started hot and faded fast. I have already filled one binder and it's only mid-April, and that to me is too much! Four binders per year!? Where am I going to store all of these? And what happens if I decide to do this again next year! ACK!

And so, I am cutting back. I haven't quite figured out how I am going to do that yet, but it starts with these...

I have really (really, really, really) been enjoying playing with my stencils and my spray inks lately. And I want I thought: why not incorporate this "technique" in to my Project Life?

I made a whole bunch the other day. All they need now is a date stamp or two and maybe a sticker to liven things up.

A couple of years ago my good friend at my "real job" was getting rid of all her super old business cards (we're talking 403-area code and everything people!). The paper is nice and thick, and they are a fun size, so I took them all. I used them for Xmas tags that year, and have used them on other things since. And apparently, they make the perfect PL Journaling card! They fit almost perfectly in to the "trading card" page protector, so I will even get to add a piece of cute pattern paper!

And they are perfect for a tiny bit of journaling about something awesome that happened that day.
I am thinking that the other change I need to make is to take less photos of piddly "everyday moments" on my real camera and more with Instagram. This seems less daunting a task, and also takes up less space! And it's better than what I have been doing lately, which is not taking photos at all! Eek!

mini currently...
time: 9:02am
listening: Shearwater's "Breaking the Yearling" (oh my goodness...I lurve this song right now...the volume is cranked!)
drinking: coffee
wondering: if I am going to make it through today's in class field trip. the wine is out and ready to go for when I get back...
loving: the rain!

later loves

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