Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Secret to a Full & Healthy Blog

Schedule. Schedule. Schedule.

I took this screen capture on April 12. As you can see, on that date I had eight posts ready to go and scheduled to post automatically for the next two weeks. Whenever I get the urge, and the inspiration (and the time) to blog, I do it. And then I schedule that post to fill a hole in the upcoming week, or weeks.

On my "days off" I like to take time to take photos of recent projects, go back through my camera to see if there are any blog-worthy stories there, and just generally wander around in my brain coming up with content.

I also post "on the fly" when a genius idea comes to me, or somebody sent me something awesome, and it just has to go up. Time sensitive things apply to this category as well.

I don't have a fixed schedule for certain kinds of posts...nothing like "Scrappy Saturdays", or "Fashion Friday." There is no way my brain could wrap itself around that level of organization! I just post things where they fit.

And that is a sneak peek in to the exciting world of blogging...
later loves

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