Monday, April 16, 2012

My New "Colouring Book"'s not really that new, per se. In fact, it's an old one that I found hiding in my stash the other day. And since the new me is all about using up what I have, I thought I could find a new purpose for it.
 So this is the original book. I think I blogged about it when I first picked it up, because it actually is very cool. A colouring book full of cute outfits, and you just draw in the head, arms and legs! I only "finished" a couple of pages as they were meant to be used, and then lost interest.

So I pulled out my trusty gesso, covered the pages, and then went to town. This is the first's lacking something...colour maybe!?!!?!?
So I fixed that little problem on day two.
Lots of stencils and spray inks going on here. I'm still in love with my new Mister Hueys, and my new Colour Washes. That purple is changing the way I see my art, changing the way I see colours.
I had to add some of my little people doodles as well.
I've done up a bunch of "backgrounds" in advance, so when I get to these days I can add my journaling and call it a night. OR create some more backgrounds for down the road.

I really need for this to be a simple project, with an end in sight...or else it will never be filled.

And I really want to fill it up.

later loves

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