Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project Life...Deep Thoughts

Well...Hello There!
Here are some new thoughts on Project Awesome Life, and how it fits (re: does not fit) in to my life.

Even doing Project Life as sporadically as I have been, I have noticed some trends. I live a fairly steady, boring life. School, work, dinners that are the same week-in and week-out.  Homework, Wii, DS, TV in the evenings. Painting and scrapbooking whenever I have a moment.

And that's just fine by me...but it makes for a pretty "boring" Project Life! I feel like I am repeating the same stories every week...or I would be if I was keeping up. Which I am not. These pages are from the first week of February...and they are the last ones I've completed!

Not that I want to kibosh my PL! No sirree! Making time for PL right now just isn't on my radar. I would much rather be out there creating more special moments that could be included in my PL book!

I printed out all the pics I have taken so far in the name of PL, and have plans to stick them in my book, and maybe make a few notes about the photo or the memory or the moment. Nothing fancy. Nothing spectacular or artistic. That's going to be damn hard to hold myself to, but I will try my darndest!

And then I will see what happens in a month or so.

Right now, I would much rather be playing with these!

Anyone else having a hard time "keeping up" with Project Life? Or am I the only one??

later loves


  1. Short answer... Yes! I feel a bit of the same as you Lisa. I'm not certain what others would find interesting in my life, but I suppose that's why it's called life?! I am trying to keep the artistic side of it down too because it can be way too time consuming (in my opinion) and like you, I would rather be doing other things. I don't dislike PL - but I am trying to make it work for me. Last week I had very little photos, but decided to print off a bunch of fun emails from family and friends. I am about 3 weeks behind now in completing, but I'm always thinking about what I can add and make notes. :) PS - Love the dress!!

  2. Ummm....WHOOT WHOO....(that was a whistle in case you were wondering!) Uh Miss Lisa you are so so so very HOT! And thank you so very much for my little tag! It came on the perfect day...I was needing to feel a little love. I am so very thankful for our friendship and so very grateful for you. Fabulous creative intelligent beautiful you!! xox

  3. I'm having a hard time keeping up with LIFE. Does that count?
    You look so skinny, Lisa! Sweet!

  4. Very interested to read your thoughts; especially about the need to do some living first!I've not got on board with Project Life, but that's also on aesthetic grounds - I'm not keep on the little plastic pockets!

  5. Hello, I've found you through Gingers blog, and what. Refreshing blog post :) although I've been doing my own stle of project life, yes I've noticed not a great deal happens in my life. Soi think for a while I'll online with my photo every day, bu I'm really not sure I need to share them on my blog I'm also not going to feel guilt if I don't take one on a certain day:) so thank you for having me here, and I'll be back :)


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