Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautiful Details

I did up a bunch of layouts with some of the (better) photos I took at Jill's wedding. I was going to show them all in the same post, but I think I would rather split them up and give myself some scrapbooking material to blog about later! Can't use up all my "A-material" in one post!
 I only got one good picture of Jill that night, and one good one of Kirsten, so I decided to put them on the same page. The beautiful formerly-Williams sisters!
 I love the pearls and the stitched lace - it just screams "elegant wedding" to me!
I might add some text down here. I might not.

*Amy Tangerine canvas sticker (like these ones)
*random bits of lace & ribbon

I love taking pictures of all the little details at weddings: the centrepieces, the guest book table display, bouquets, shoes, you name it! I remember how much thought goes in to each element at a wedding. Even the smallest of details is considered in the overall scheme of things.
Jill's guest book was very clever. She had her cousins take an Instax picture of each group of guests, glue it in the book,and let them write their message. She got in on the action at the end of the night, making sure Chan & Gordon got their picture in as well!

*New (and old) Crate paper sticker
*New Prima sticker letters

Tomorrow I will post the remaining two layouts. They are as simple as these two. It seems that is my forte right scrapbooking. My art journals are a different story! Maybe I'll post some pictures of those this week as well. Until then...

later loves


  1. I love these layouts! I will be scraplifting these and thinking of you soon... you are so talented! Vxxx
    PS- I love old movies too (older the better) so feel free to chat me up

  2. These are so precious-I love how you mix "feminine" with "edgy". (IMO, anyways)


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