Thursday, February 23, 2012

Inspiration...or whatever

I "hacked" the TM Inspiration Blog one week ago today - while I was texting my buddy the finer points of Higgs Boson, a thesaurus, and Chuck Norris - to post these lovelies.



The finer points...
- Perfect Pearls Mist on the background through a perfect Studio Calico sheet of paper. I love when one thing does double-duty yo!
- Cut up your honeycomb pattern paper. You won't regret it.
- Copic + Sharpie doodles may be my second new best friend (DD is the first...hence the texting)
- When in doubt, cut stuff apart and hope it falls back together in some sort of semblance of awesomeness. By the way, it usually does.

I like My Mind's Eye stuff and I like sticking my tongue out.

So sue me.

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  1. These are so terrific! Goofballs indeed. I so love your handwriting. You should make it into a font.


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