Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Fabric Love Affair

Even when my sewing machine is uncooperative, and nothing I cut is straight, or even drunk-straight, I love playing with fabric.

This is my last album for my Mini Album Month. And yes I realize that January ended three weeks ago, but I took a break people, so give me a break. He he.

Also, my DIYs for February aren't going so well, so I suggest you take what you can get!

 All of the cardstock is cut down from the larger sheets I messed around with at the LNC the other night. This post might refresh your memory. I essentially sprayed and inked my way through a bunch of 12x12 glimmer cardstocks in varying shades of yellow and orange. Then I cut them down to my favourite size - 5x7 - and added some paper collage stuff.
 I did a lot of doodling and added some colour with my watercolour pencils. I also made heavy use out of my Julie FFB stencils. It was a simple thing to add a little Distress Ink right on the fabric (simple cotton muslin!?). Then I could add more colour in my stitching and other paper elements.

Here are some close up shots of the interior pages. I stitched on all of the fabric pieces before stitching them together with the paper pieces. For the most part they all have a little bit of machine and a little bit of hand stitching. I thoroughly enjoyed the simple lines and shapes I stitched. It's like practice for my stitching, but in art form. A lot of my stitches are crooked, different sizes and in bad form. But that was kind of the point...

And here's a close up of the binding. I wasn't going for "Most Beautiful Binding Award" or anything here. I just wanted it to be colourful, stitched and keep everything together. And thanks to my crappy measuring, I still have some room to add another page before the back cover.

This was definitely a challenge for me. But so worth it in the end. I enjoyed the process more than anything and can't wait to find more ways to explore and use fabric in my scrapbooking!


  1. Love the combination of paper and stitching - the page with the little house one on is my favourite.

  2. There are such look elements to this. I love the colours too.


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