Friday, January 13, 2012

Love Envelopes

 Last year I "borrowed" a box of useless envelopes from work in the hopes of turning them all into fun little minis! I made my 10-10-10 using three of them, and it was so easy, and each page has a little pocket, and there are windows...and...well....I was inspired to do more!

So here we go...
My 10-10-10 Album

And my Halloween mini I did up for display at TM, using Gov't of Canada envelopes.

And my January mini for this week...

Binding: Sheer, iridescent ribbon stitched on
Cover: The first envelope (no additional cover)
Size: about 3" by 4" (one standard letter envelope folded in half)

 I decided to do a little "Christmas Highlights" album, as I normally never scrapbook any Xmas photos! I went through my sad tiny pile of Christmas papers and found a bunch of old KI Memories stuff to use, in addition to some other random Xmas papers and stickers I've collected over the years.

And here is my technique video detailing how I stitched my envelopes together, followed by the video of me stitching the binding on...badly. Enjoy...if you dare.
Stitching Envelopes Together from Lisa Kercher on Vimeo.

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  1. That's pretty amazing Lisa. Great video!


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