Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lisa's Project Life

Here's some back story. I have loads and loads of supplies in my scrapbooking room. I don't need to buy any more. I am completely unorganized, therefore the supplies are also completely unorganized. I already spend a lot more money than I want to on this hobby. I feel environmentally-guilty about buying new supplies all the time. I don't take a tonne of photos, but I take my fair share. I enjoy the creative process of scrapbooking. I talk about Becky Higgin's Project Life on the blog often enough to know that I think it is a good idea. I should just get on with things already.

I have gone and done it...finally! After talking the talk for many months, I am finally walking the walk! I spent some time in my studio last week, and in my journals and have decided that I need to eliminate the stress and obligation I sometimes feel when I sit down to scrapbook. Part of that comes from organizing my supplies and cleaning out my space. And part of that comes from documenting my memories in the simplest, most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly way I can find!

Seeing what people have created for their Project Life binders, and what I half-created for my WITL (still not finished...I'm a bad girl...) I already knew what I wanted to do, and how I wanted to make this project my own. I just didn't have the guts or the commitment to sit down and prepare and make my supplies fit this project.

Until today...well, New Year's Eve to be more precise. I pulled out a bunch of old paper and started cutting.

I'm using some old (old/second hand) 4x6 photo pages, my favourite 3.5 x 5 ones from the Container Store and those little trading card protectors (from the Dollar store). I am trying to make this as easy for me as possible, because as we all know, I am terrible at the completion of a task! I have learned a lot of lessons from my attempt at a December Daily (which I hated) and know that I need to make this super, stupidly prepared, so I can just add things in and call it a day.

And so far, I have actually added some photos and journaling. It's only been a week though, and usually I lose interest in any long-term project after about a week. Oh oh. So I will be sure to keep you apprised of my progress and show off some more of my version of Project Life as I get more done. Like so...

I have been salivating over some tags at Elle's Studio for awhile and I think I am going to bite the budget next month and pick up a couple on my wish list. I know I can make my own little tags and accessories, but something about having everything ready-to-go just makes things much less stressful. When I get a chance to make some of my own, I definitely will. Having some on hand just in case makes me breathe a little sigh of relief!

I'm also looking to my more organized and clever friends Nadine & Ginger for inspiration and a kick in the pants. They are also going ahead with Project Life this year, each in their own special way! And also, I have decided I don't like the moniker "Project Life" and will have to devise my own more awesome name for this. Possible including the word "Awesome" in it...I'm just saying...

Update: Long before this post...well...posts I will have finished the first week of my Project Life (new name still YTBD). You read that right: finished. I am probably going to post updates here only once a month, unless I am really strapped for posts! Don't want to overwhelm you guys or anything. Or is it too late for that?


  1. I like 'Awesome' - describes well your energy and detemtination for this year!

  2. Not even close to being too late. I don't everwhelm easily. Whistle clap cheer to you Lisa, for doing this! Bravo!

  3. oh boy - I`ll let you in on a little secret, I`ve not managed any more than what I posted on my blog! I`m afraid PL for me might be Project Month - i don`t think I will manage weekly scrapping, at least not right now.

    Anyway - I am very impressed with how you have made this work for you Lisa. You are so smart to be using up what you have! Good luck, (I don`t think you will need a kick in the pants, you can do this easily!!)


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