Friday, December 09, 2011

More Instagram Goodies

Lucas is home sick from school this afternoon, so I am blogging in the darkness of the living room in hopes that he will rest. This also means that I am being less productive than I had hoped! Oh well.

I did get some "work" done at TM this morning, in between snuggles with this sweetheart!
 She "shared" two oranges and a banana with me.
And this is what I was working on...a new mini album kit! The layouts are pretty much done now. I'm just working on instructions and the cover.
It's slow going with the tiny foot on my keyboard. That's Lucas for ya! If you are sharing the same couch with him you need to be prepared for some closeness!

p.s. Do you ever want to tell the Universe to just bugger off and mind it's own business?

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