Monday, December 12, 2011

"this Sweetness will not be concerned with me"

I haven't done much in the way of "creative thinking" this past week, but I have been busy...
Friday night: worked the crop with Victoria. "Hilarious" photo booth antics were had. I'll have to share that pic of  Vi and I!

Saturday: Christmas shopping. I set foot in a Tim's for the first time in a long time. Picked up the photos for my Christmas cards and wrote a caption on the back of each one...that's 60 pics!

Sunday: Baby shower for some good friends + a little scrambling to get the gift finished that morning!! Worked the last night of the Christmas crop with Jill this time.

I've been working on my Christmas cards, one step at a time. I'm still tracking down some addresses, and finishing up the letter, but I hope to have them in the mail before Wednesday! I actually made a bunch of cards this year! Gasp!! And I love them, and should have kept at least one for myself. I handmade some paper using my Julie Fei-Fan Balzer stencils and an assortment of Distress Stains and spray inks. The paper is "wet media" paper (read: watercolour),so it holds up to all the wet inks very very well.
Then I snipped these big sheets up and stuck the "squares" on to some old paper that was on its way to the donation bin at TM! The bling and "Merry Christmas" banner was Jill's idea...thank goodness for her!

Speaking of Jill, she & I are headed to Zumba at Spa Lady tonight. My legs are still sore from the session with Kirsten on Saturday morning, but it's a good sore (wait, is that even possible?!?!?).

I would love to start scrapbooking my tiny amount of Mexico photos, but I might have to wait until the tree is up and I have a few more Christmas presents taken care of. I feel so behind this year, way more than usual. It's probably just because I was out of town for the start of the month. I'm not worried, because I am used to a pretty low key Christmas. Lucas is upset that I never set up his advent calendar! Oops! Maybe I'll buy some gummies and fill up the rest with those!

P.S. Do you ever just leave a blog post as a draft for a week or so and then totally change your mind and are so glad you left it as a draft and didn't hit publish? Have you ever wished you had just hit publish instead and let things come out in the wash...? The art journal is going to get quite a work out this week.

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  1. When my girl was little, I made a quilt of a Christmas tree and each day in December, she would get to pin a tiny ornament to it. Once year I didn't put it up. She was upset. So I get how Lucas feels.
    Love your Christmas cards-aren't those stencils wonderful?


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