Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Layouts of the Year

I remember this being a popular post last year around this time with other bloggers. And it sounds like fun to me! going back through my posts from the year and choosing my favourite layouts! Here goes...I have limited it to one per month to remove the "I go crazy" possibility!

January...this one I did up in response to all the extra pictures I accidentally ordered for my Xmas cards! I love how the ink looks, the border on the side, all the circles, the title and the colours.

February...this one was hard to pick, as evidently I was a busy scrapper this month and there were lots of layouts to choose from! I was also (apparently) really jonesing on the grid look and alternately, the messy, hand-stitching look as well! I think the reason I love this one so much is that it is one of very few Christmas layouts for me, and the background started out as scrap paper!

March...there weren't a lot to choose from! Love the watercolour circle, the stitching and the colours!

April...Can you believe I didn't post any scrapbooking layouts this month! What the!?!? But I found a great mini from the archives.

May...I love the rose stencil showing through the middle. I love the top and bottom heavy structure. I love the memories of this fun day!

June...looking bad at this now, it seems weird that I (accidentally) matched the colours of the page to Jacob's shirt sort of perfectly. Weird.

July...will come in another post! Don't want to overwhelm you, now do I?


  1. I'm loving that June one especially ...

  2. I just cannot pick a favorite! But your Christmas card WAS my favorite of all! Thanks Lisa and have a wonderful New Year!


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