Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am so in love with Dina's Smash's so pretty. Mine is so not pretty, but it does the job...

I have been trying to pull it out everyday this week, even if I just add one thing or another. TM ran a SMASH book contest a couple of weeks ago, and the participation was dismal to say the least. But it did inspire me!

I have also been trying to pull out my "art journal" everyday and add a little something. Julie Balzer is running a class right now on art journaling, showing her students how a little bit each day adds up to a great spread at the end of the week! I like the sound of that.

I'm using a small moleskin that I picked up from Anam at her leaving-Canada garage sale (I think). It is so not made for wet media (which I love to use heavily), so I am using a lighter hand with my inks and sprays. So far, it's looking just right!

I recently found some more inspiration to help me "art journal" every day. This 30 Days of Journaling post by Vivianna is pretty sweet, and will be good on those days I have writer's block. And Kelli is working on 52 lists, which I think would also be a neat thing to add to my art journals.

I really need to keep this as low key, and commitment free as possible. As is generally known, as soon as I say "I'm going to do this", it never ever happens! Self-defeating prophecy, if you ask me. So I am putting it out to the Universe that these are just loose aspirations and in no way form a commitment or a goal to be met! M'kay?

Also, I must say that sharing photos through my Instagram app is pretty sweet! I ran around the house searching for my camera this morning to take these photos, only to realize I left at work on Monday...duh. So I had to "resort" to using my iPad. The resolution is surprisingly awesome, and I can email them directly to myself. Yay!

Any SMASH artists out there? Art journalers?
What keeps you motivated to create a little everyday??


  1. I love the colour washes and your doodles. I always love your doodles.

  2. I really need to get on my smashing! I bought it a long time ago, but I haven't even touched it... but when I saw that challenge on TM blog I was determined to start... alas I only got to taking out the plastic cover and got to look at the pretty pages and that was the end of it! lol BUT I have decided that I'm gonna use it for a Date Night journal with the hubs and I. Our first date night was a while ago, but I do want to make it at least a monthly thing, hopefully we can do it weekly... but monthly is a safe bet! Our first official one will be this weekend... and its not really a date... just a night out with the friends!

  3. Russ & I have been so busy lately we've taken calling a night at home watching recorded shows together "date night." oh my!!


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