Thursday, November 17, 2011

December Mini?

Everyone in the know is getting started on their December Dailies. Ali Edwards knows a good thing when she sees it, hello! I have never been one to commit to a project that requires daily input, especially for 30 days...straight. Maybe this year...

And the queen herself...Ali Edwards

I did a mini for Lucas' advent calendar last year, and it wasn't such a hard thing. It helps to have the Instax, boy howdy. That way I don't have to remember to print photos, just take them, which is hard enough as it is. Remember this?

Nadine is such a trooper, helping the lost and wandering get a head start on their own daily album for the month! This class is always a popular one, and really, I can see why!

So much inspiration...
Bandwagon? Room for one more??

I've already committed to making a gender-neutral baby album for a shower I am going to in December, so what's one more album!?

Are there any other December Daily fans out there? Any tips for getting me started!?!?!


  1. Lisa I LOL when I read your "lost and wandering" comment today :) This whole project can be daunting if your are not ready... I know that because I did it last year without any preparation. I did JYC with Shimelle, but this year I will try both JYC and December Daily. The biggest piece of advice is to prepare - whatever you can will help. So if you have time to even get your album basic pages prepped it can make a huge difference. Also, to save yourself time, have any Christmas supplies you plan to use in one area of your space for simple and easy access. Gather journaling cards, embellishments and anything else you can think of using, keep it in a basket near you.
    One thing I like about preparing the album before you start is that it gives you less time to get bored with the papers. When I did this last year, half way thru I got so sick of the papers I chose that I had to incorporate a different line, but I don't see that as an issue this year. You will love this project!! TRUST Me :) ha! hey - see you on Saturday :)

  2. Yes, I need to see one more. (Since I'm going to be a gramma...)

  3. Hi there! I'm a new follower. Just pinned one of your creations on my Pinterest board and I thought I would stop by. Looking forward to seeing more and being inspired.....I'm totally green on scrapbooking with no imagination so perhaps this will help.
    Connie LOU

  4. These all look lovely ... I'm afraid I'm keeping mine ├╝bersimple this year, so I might not be the best person to give you hints and a heads up. But looking forward to seeing what you do ...

  5. Definitely a fan of the December Daily and Ali's as well! I've been working on mine this whole week... just been lazy and not taking any pictures of my progress!


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