Friday, November 18, 2011

Rule of Three - Turquoise

This week I actually have a "Rule of Three" post for you! Wonder of wonders! I was going back through some folders, and found a bunch of photos that never made it in to a Fashion Un-Able post. While editing them, I noticed that I seemed to have a fondness in my heart that week for turquoise accessories...three different ones, I might add. Hmm...
"fashion" tip: stack your mismatched bracelets!

"fashion" tip: dress up a plain tee with a fancy scarf!

"fashion" tip: add a belt to a shift dress for a more pleasing shape!
And don't be afraid to mix neutrals!

"fashion" tip: matching your tights to your shoes makes for a longer, leaner leg! Or did I just make that up...hmmm...

There are no more visible leaves on the ground. We are into snow season, officially. I hate scraping my windshield in the morning, but I love listening to the snow crunch under my boots.

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