Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mail Art...better super late than never!?!?

Oh my goodness. Talk about losing track of my brain for a month there! I missed Ginger's Mail Art Exchange two weeks! I have no one to blame but myself, and I do that just fine thanks! But Alexa's mail got out eventually and I will admit that I had fun making her little envelope and card, even if I rushed right through it so I could get it in the mail as soon as humanly possible (which was the next day, cause I was taking a mental health day, which means not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary)
I used mostly things sitting on my craft table, left out from other projects...all things that I lurve. The envelope is a re-purposed one, of course, and I used a sweet paint chip as the base for my card! Other than that, it sort of shows you the colours I have been jonesing on the last little + grey.

I heart fun mail...I should really start sending it again, like for reals.

I also received a super sweet notebook from Mel, which I posted about last week! LOVE IT!!
Thanks again!!


  1. Gorgeous Mail Lisa!! Love the stamps!!

  2. OMG, where have I been? this is so cool!


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