Thursday, October 27, 2011

today I...

- Started the massive task of cleaning up my Studio. I had to move everything over to one side so we could have the furnace and ducts cleaned on Wednesday. I figure that before I put everything back to how it was, I might try and tackle some of the random clutter that has taken over my space!

- Received some Fun Mail from the UK! Thanks to Ginger for organizing this exchange again.

- Went on a lunch date with my husband to Mucho Burrito!

- Am getting ready to go assist at a Worm Bin Presentation at Lucas' school (not in his class though!)

- Finalized my Halloween costume, and found 90% of what I needed for it at Value Village! Here's a tip: always pull the wig out of the bag before you buy it!! Does this look like a cute 50s Flip with Bangs to you!?!?!

p.s. Jill, that Power Pout is for you!!


  1. I forgot to tell you, I think tomato, tomahto is a pretty funny joke too!

  2. Hi Lisa! Just to let you know that your lovely mail art arrived today! not to mention the very pretty layered card inside :). Many, many thanks and it is now proudly on the window ledge right beside me as I type. I love that wig, though you could take them to the trade Descriptions Tribunal!


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