Friday, October 07, 2011

This to That

From this to that...
I answered the call from the Thrifting Gods back near the end of September, and boy was I glad of it after. Everything I brought in to the change room fit, was a good price, and was exactly what I had been looking for. What luck!

I found this next photo in a folder at work, but I don't think I ever blogged it. Found the skirt again on Modcloth (Don't Steel My Skirt - still love it), but am now realizing that thanks to my VV trip the other day I own one of my very own!
But thanks to how the waist is built and where the pleats start, mine is more flattering on me than the Mod Cloth one would be.
 Apparently, I needed to get the iron out before wearing this guy. The washing machine is not its friend! Note for next time! The belt is also a VV find from the same trip. It is just the belt I have been looking for!! It is missing one piece that holds the buckle down, but I can make do.
Details: Skirt, cardigan, belt/thrifted. Shoes/Mall. tank/Joe.

I found this listing on Ruche the other day, the day after I bought my version.

And this is my version of the Posh Professional Ruffle Skirt. I actually like mine a zillion times more because it's not black!

Unfortunately...all is not as perfect as it would first appear. If you can get past the fact that the above photo is so blurry I am not even to be recognized, (and also, where is the top of my head??) I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this dress has a large slit in the back. This means that every time I sat down my arse literally peeked through the slit. appropriate? I don't think so!! Moments before I took this photo I was dropping the Dude off at school...the arse hanging out is very noticeable on the cold vinyl car seat! I had to rush back home and change before heading off again! Talk about "wardrobe malfunction."

So, note to self: Check for these things before you leave the change room!! Oh...and buy a slip!

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