Saturday, October 08, 2011

Fashion Forward...Moving Forward

If I had a million dollars...

...wouldn't you?

And those shoes? Modern-day Dorothy if you ask me. Yee-ow-za!

The other day I wore only neutrals. Can you believe it? Me!?!? Black leggings, brown shoes & belt, ivory dress, grey sweater. Earlier that day I looked like a delicious colourful lollipop, so I guess my brain needed a break from the overwhelming colour palette. I have a photo of that one coming up next week.

Today is Saturday, and we are in Jasper. We needed a break. We are hanging out with my sister and her family. I am hoping to see my favourite place in the whole wide world, hang out at a coffee shop by myself first thing in the morning, swim in the pool with my dudes, and relax.

I haven't done any of the blogging I planned. I haven't kept up with the Mail Art project that Ginger has running. What on earth have I been up to...?

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