Monday, October 03, 2011

Looking Good!

The wedding we attended on the 25th was so much fun, and so beautiful! It helps when you get married out in the country with Autumn happening all around you!

The ceremony was set up was in the field behind a hall, and thanks to the age of the hall and it's location, all the fixtures are super old. Which just made things look all the more amazing! I mean, check out those old metal chairs!

And the leaves weren't the only good-looking things around...
I was there super (super) early. I didn't want to get lost, or get stuck somewhere, so I left home really early. And then, it took me about 20 minutes less to get there than I anticipated. Being an hour early meant I got to  snap some Fashion Un-Able styled photos by the "neighbourhood church" and just drive around looking for old barns and haybales.
My Russel was looking so handsome in his rented suit! I'm one of those lucky girls that gets to go home with a groomsman! 

I was seated with a bunch of Russel's friends from work, right at the back (by the bar...duh), so we make jokes, talked about "Magic" (the card game), and laughed the night away!

It was kind of awesome...

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