Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Bedroom Re-Do

So if any of you read this blog on a regular basis, or know me as a person at all, this next piece of information will come as no surprise...I start a lot of projects. You will also then not be surprised to hear that I don't actually finish a lot of projects! it's sort of a joke...if I had a nickel for every unfinished project in my house...For instance, I really don't think the Bathroom Reno is going to happen anytime soon (insert sad face). There is just too much hard work to do, like plumbing inside the wall, flooring, tiling, etc. These are things that I cannot do by myself.

But in my bedroom...

So I have been dreaming about my bedroom re-do for a long time now. I have (thankfully) learned not to jump right in and start buying stuff when I get an idea for something because I get bored with things easily and am constantly changing my mind.

First I wanted things to be fuschia and teal (based on the print below, which I already own) and then I remembered that for the most part I can't stand those colours in home decor. Oh my...already off to a bad start.

Now I'm thinking of just sticking with the colours in my duvet cover - turquoise, yellow, red, grey, all very muted - which I actually really love, paint the walls, move some furniture around and get rid of everything on the wall above my bed and start fresh there.

Here is a sketch I did with some ideas...um...wait. I can't find it. I started writing up this post ages and ages ago, so I have since misplaced that sketch...of course. It was good though, I promise! I'll have to see if I can get another one going.

I'm trying to go for a "quirky vintage" look. Lots of colour and patterns, but muted. And lots of old wood and roughed-up surfaces.

And here is a wall decal that I totally won through Kara's blog!! It's going up there as well.

I've also been trolling Etsy, looking for smaller prints I can include on that wall. So far I have a hefty list:
The Robin is from Berkley Illustration. If you like animals dressed in people clothes, you will love this group!
 The next two are prints by Michele Maule. I love everything she does.
Another Portland print coming up...I kind of love that city. And another favourite artist: Stephanie Levy
And this last one (last, I promise) is from another Etsy artist that I admire: Yellena.
There are a lot of amazing artists on Etsy...it will be hard to narrow this list down to a manageable group! And I will have to add something from the Black Apple, because Emily is probably my favourite out of all of them. But choosing one I think will be an impossible task!!

Image sourcesDitto on the LoveHomeHello I Love YouRobinYou & MePortland bridge, Portland collage, Vessel

Adding all this new art into my space, means I'll be needing to get rid of some of the old pieces...
For Sale:
#1. Framed photo of the Coliseum in Rome. There is a small tear in the poster, but is mostly hidden by the frame. It measures " by " in total, no glass so it's fairly light, and is such a beautiful piece and I wish I didn't have to part with it. Plus I spent a butt-load on the darn frame from Michael's only a couple of years ago...

#2. Large frame print of the Grand canal in Venice. I think this was an IKEA piece ages ago. The frame is a dark blue. It measures " by " in total, glass yes, but heavy no.

And for all you married gals out there who, 10 years ago, thought a giant photo of you and your hubby was a good idea...what are you doing with those framed monstrosities now?!?!?


And on a similar "re-do, reno" note, this excites me! I hope everything went well for her the summer and she has this special place up-and-running. I will definitely be making many a side-trip to visit!!

Anyhoo, I guess I'm off for the day. I've already spent my Pinterest time-allowance for the week, and I have gone over my allotted internet time this morning! Eek! At least the dishes are done (Hallelujah!)

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