Friday, September 02, 2011

I shouldn't be allowed to online window shop...

I have amassed a huge, imginary list of things I just must have...yeah right. These did not make it on to the birthday wish list because online shopping and my family don't really go together!

Here's some crafty things:

This skirt. the price tag is the only thing I that makes me hesitant, but I so need a new beautful grey skirt of fall. Can you imagine this with some colourful tights and a lacey tank? In lurve.

The new line from Anthropologie. Not only are the clothes amazingly beautiful, the ad campaign, styling and staging has got me all gobsmacked. And these shoes...well...hello!

More Shoes (these ones even made it into an invisible shopping bag!)
Blowfish is kind of my new favourite place to look for shoes. I have seen so many fab styles on some of my favourite bloggers. But I think I missed all the summer sales!

I did buy myself a new pair of shoes the other day, while we were back-to-school-shoe-shopping for Lucas. I really wanted to get him a pair of Velcro Chucks, but they made him make a face and a fuss. So I bought a pair for myself! No Velcro, but I haven't bought a pair of lace-up sneakers in ages, that weren't for working-out, ya-know!? PSA of the Day: when the staff at the shoe store tells your annoying kids to stop running around and screaming in the store...ummm...listen to them and reign in your kids. Geesh.

Happy Friday Peeps!

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  1. that skirt is very cute :) I was at the Bay the other day and drooled in the shoe section!


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