Friday, September 02, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I never (ever) make a big deal out of my birthday anymore. It's not that I don't love birthdays, cause I do. It's more that September is just a really busy month for us. The boys & I usually have a quiet dinner out, we go to my Mom's and my Dad's for cake and that's about it.

If you were to - say - shop for a birthday present for Lisa this year, these are some ideas straight from the horses mouth.
Starbucks Instant Coffee. You can buy it at select groceries stores now. I am kind of obsessed with it, as I am now a picky coffee drinker and the coffee selection at both my jobs is sub-par. I like the BOLD kinds, NO FLAVOURS.

Books. I like books. Right now anything will do. I like quirky and offbeat stories, with good characters, dystopic themes, and/or classics featuring zombies and sea-monsters. And if you can find me Shades of Grey Part Two, I will kiss you! Not part one, cause I just finished that one...

Copic Markers are my new obsession. And they are a dangerous one at that. They are pricey and they come in every shade known to man and woman. That's a lot! I like bright green and blue. I could use another red, and some orange. You can buy them at Colours in town here. If you do buy some, ask the staff how the pens work and they'll give you some tips on buying them.

And if Russel if reading this, I would love these headphones from Urban Outfitters. Love love them. Lurve.

And that's kind of it. I'm a simple gal. I don't get out much, and I 'm okay with that. I like colours and colouring. And I like listening to music, drinking coffee and reading good books, sometimes all at once!


  1. I already bought your birthday present - like 2 weeks ago. I just hope it makes it here in time :)

  2. I'm with you on the Starbucks coffee... those little instants make my afternoons very pleasant :) I hope you get somethings from this list :)


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