Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's gotten in to me?

Even after we have learned so much about ourselves, made mistakes and moved on, we still go back to old patterns and frack up every now and again.

In other words, I have no idea what got into  me on Monday! That post was a little bit I deleted most of it.

And now I'm moving on.

Here are some photos I took downtown on the weekend, my "looking through a tourist's eyes" moment.

Clockwise from left: Muttart Conservatory in the foreground and Gallagher Hill full of Folk Festers in the background. The Telus building, you can see the strands of Christmas lights criss-crossing upwards. The Crowne Plaza, aka Chateau Lacombe (Russ & I wonder what the rooms look like, shaped like that). McDougall Church puts up funny signs to "advertise" their weekly sermons, which makes me laugh considering how historic this church is! (This week it read: Friends, Enemies, Frenemies)

I have been "busy" reading the Harry Potter Series this week, and not doing much else! I am looking at the books in a whole new way, reading them over again as an older (and wiser?) adult. They are still good, like really good. Lucas is in camp in the mornings, and I only had to work two days. I'm kind of bored-slash-exhausted!

In the creative department, I haven't up to much other than the usual...TM layouts, designing Make & Takes for the Crops, and filling up my Smash book. I bought some more Copic markers and have been playing with those guys (where have they been all my life!?) and I started a fairly informal "art journal". I wanted to have something artsy that I could work on everyday with no pressure and no expectations.

This week I am moving upwards and onwards. I am seeing things through my eyes, and I am enjoying every minute of it! I'm thinking of more creative things to do, as I feel sort of lost without them. Maybe do some painting, or a Week in My Life project, or something equally wonderful. Did I ever tell you I cleaned up my studio? Unfortunately, every time I go in there, it gets a little messier, so a terrible side effect of the clean up has been my inability, or lack of desire to go in there and get some art done!

So blah blah blah...I'm done here.

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  1. Love your city photos! It reminds me that I meant to do this while on vacation; I would really like a photo of the river off of the High Level!! hmmm... might have to do that today as it's suppose to be sunny!


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