Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Birthday Planning

Angry Birds invitations...is what Mom wanted. Or maybe Star Wars. But Lucas says he wants "just regular" ones, which is what we ended up with...

I'm making cake pops for dessert, and I'm going to let the kids decorate them! I found a whole website dedicated to cake pops, but I might have to enlist KC's help, as I know she has made them before! And I'm sort of useless in the kitchen when it comes to baking things.

Games outside? Weather permitting... I would love to just let them loose in the field with a soccer ball, or some Nerf guns or something. And let them burn off the sugar from the cake pops!

Mostly, I'll just let them pull out any toys they want, make a mess in any room they want, feed them and then send them home! We're only inviting three kids, so my little house should be able to handle it!

Now, my birthday is next month, but as it goes every year, we are going to be busy in the weeks before, during and after, so I don't think a party is going to happen for me...again...Sometimes I consider this to be a giant bummer. I want people to come eat drink and be merry in my house in celebration of my birth! I want to plan a menu, and prepare things ahead of time and be the life of my party! I want I want I want...

Maybe I'll just postpone my birthday until October this year...in protest.

photo sources: I don't have the sources for the images used on the invites...oops! The cake pops one came from this cake pops site.

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  1. I would highly suggest checking out Bakerella.com for some cakepop tips and inspiration - she is the inventor. I've read lots of other tips and tricks and it definitely isn't an exact science but looks like so much fun!


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