Thursday, August 18, 2011


The other day Lucas asked us what "LOL" means. Russ and I giggled a bit, and then explained it to him, that it stands for Laugh Out Loud. He must have seen it on tv or something.

But it's reminding me of some of my favourite LOL movies and moments.

And last night we watched Tommy Boy, which is one of my all-time favourite movies! Even though I pretty much have the whole thing memorized, and I know which jokes are coming up before they happen, I still pee myself laughing at the "fat guy in a little coat" part, and the fake bees in the car. And I love Dan Ackroyd's hair do, and Rob Lowe is so good as a bad guy!

Another of my fave hilarious movies is The Full Monty...yes the one with the naked brits. I had a little crush on Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy when it came out! When I was in University, the SU used to show movies in the QUAD. You brought your sleeping bag (or pulled the couch out of the Engineering common room) and curled up with your buddies and watched the shows. They showed The Full Monty one year, and one of my friends said my laughing throughout the whole darn show was as entertaining as the movie itself! HA!

And what would a funny movies list be without Wayne's World, and Mean Girls?

Yes...I know...a Lindsay Lohan movie. Please don't judge me...but it is super funny! Really super funny. Rachel McAdams' character is so over-the-top horrible.

And Wayne's World is my nostalgic addition. I remember a birthday party where my friends and I sat immediately in front of the tv watching this movie, speaking all the lines by heart. I was so lame as a kid!

I'm sure there are more, but those are the ones I can pull out of my arse on this Thursday morning!

What's your go-to LOL movie?

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  1. Love Tommy Boy and The Full Monty. Also can't forget Robin Hood: Men in Tights.


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